Masons Farm - CCTV Installation - Pontypridd

Agricultural Security Case Study

Theft of livestock is probably one of the oldest crimes of human history. You can take a lot of measures which can include using Geese, lamas, dogs, and fences but that will only secure your farm to a certain degree.

A farmer climbing into a tractor.

In most cases a high tech approach is the only solution, livestock theft in Wales, in particular, has skyrocketed over the years. Unless there is a sea change in methods used by farmers to detect and prevent this crime then it isn’t going to change any time soon.

In 2018 rural crime in Wales rose by over 40% the problem is so dire that even Dyfed Powys police have 3 dedicated rural crime teams. Organized crime gangs target farm machinery and vehicles which are then shipped and sold overseas on the black market.

Sheep are the most commonly stolen animals but often pigs and even cows are taken too! Unfortunately, it is often not only the entire stock that is stolen, as most farmers will know if the bloodlines of that stock have been built up over many decades then all that is lost too.

Theft from farms is not just limited to livestock but also includes.

Pretty much anything you find on a farm will be a target for organized and opportunist criminals alike.

When this became a concern for one local farmer from Pontypridd near Cardiff, he contacted us with his concerns. We quickly attended his premises to assess the best way to secure his farm property.

He initially had the suggestion of 4 CCTV cameras to cover his property but on surveying the area we quickly found that the area of concern could be perfectly covered with just three high-resolution Hikvision turret style CCTV cameras.

cctv camera mouted on a farm building

Cabling was expertly installed and hidden neatly around the area to the camera positions. The cameras were installed in locations that were both aesthetically pleasing and suitably positioned for optimum coverage.

Intrusion detection was then set up on key areas including the gates and all possible entry points to protect all valuable equipment and access to livestock.

Training on the equipment and use of the mobile phone application was given and Mr Mason is now able to protect his property, livestock and livelihood even when not present at his premises.

Further security is planned for the future that will co-exist with the existing system and will implement further video analytics including face detection and vehicle detection which will aid in the day to day logistics of running the farm including managing deliveries and management of the workforce.

2020 Update

We have kept in touch with Mr Mason and recently asked him about how his new security system has helped in the months passing.

One incidence of theft has been identified and resolved and another incidence of trespassing was avoided using the CCTV as an early warning system.

If you are concerned about your rural property, farming equipment, and livestock then we can help.

We have set prices on standard CCTV installations alternatively you can call us to book a visit for an assesment of your property.