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Accurate and Reliable Imaging Technology

Thermal imaging technology has become more affordable for businesses to benefit from and highly accurate systems can be commissioned with minimal disruption to operations.

Thermal imaging cameras differ from our range of fever screening cameras in that they can be used to monitor a range of different situations in industry and business.

Thermal Camera Features and Functions:

Overview of Our Thermal Imaging Systems

Thermal imaging is suitable for any sector where heat is a concern or where the monitoring of heat is desirable. These are just some of the sectors we have identified that can benefit greatly from heat monitoring.



picture from a thermal imaging camera.

Recyling can benefit from monitoring heat either from machinery or bales of recyclables.

When plastics are granulated and processed excessive heat can cause fusion, rendering the granules unusable. In extreme cases, the granules can even combust.

It is advantageous to monitor this process to prevent fusion or combustion occurring. Our thermal camera solutions can help you do this and save precious time and expense.

Factories and Production

A thermal camera can help many processes within a factory environment, monitoring potential machinery failure is an easy task when using a thermal solution.

Identify faults before they occur by monitoring areas of high friction and save money on downtime.

Agricultural and Zoological

Thermal imaging has two very different roles to play in agriculture and zoology. The first being security (outlined below) with the second being animal welfare.

picture of a thermal imaging camera

With security, thermal cameras have major advantages over traditional cameras where identifying animal over humans during surveillance is critical in preventing theft of livestock.

Uses in animal health diagnosis can reduce the number of antibiotics that are used by being able to determine the cause of a lame animal.

The ability to identify the source of the animal's pain through its heat signature may prevent the need for a "blanket solution" to treatment.

The health and safety aspect of managing the animals is also improved. Negating the need to pen the animals in for a close diagnosis, they are diagnosed at a safe distance.

Health and Safety

Our thermal camera systems all offer powerful video analytics based on a deep learning algorithm. The dual-lens range of thermal CCTV camera combines optical imaging analytics like line crossing, intrusion detection and region entrance/exit.

The thermal high sensitivity sensor can raise the alarm or send a notification for detections of fire and heat source while using an on-screen display to measure the temperature of different aspects of the picture.

The "pre-alarm" function can help pre-warn potential heat exceptions before they go into a full alarm state, protecting you against property damage or loss.

The applications for detection of heat in this manner are endless but can include the following:

Security Applications

The advanced video content analysis or VCA based on deep learning algorithms allow for highly accurate alarm notifications that can aid security in identifying individuals and take appropriate action.

Previously un-detectable intrusion can now be detected from the emittance of body heat using the thermal imaging camera as part of your CCTV arsenal. The thermal cameras we supply can fit seamlessly into an existing closed-circuit camera system.

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