Elite Fitness - CCTV Upgrade and Burglar Alarm Installation- Pontllanfraith, Blackwood

Health and Leisure Industry Case Study

Elite Fitness, a state of the art fitness facility in Pontllanfraith, Blackwood approached us to undertake an upgrade of their existing CCTV to protect staff, members and for crime prevention. They also requested that the existing cameras were utilised to maximise coverage for the available budget.

The front of elite fitness gym in pontllanfraith, blackwood, south wales.

We performed an initial assessment of the existing cameras, their positions and recording capacity along with noting the resolution of the cameras. A higher resolution was suggested for the additional cameras from the existing 2MP cameras to 5MP, because of the wide-angle lenses that were needed for maximum coverage. Some of the older cameras were earmarked to be re-positioned.

The first aspect of the project was to provide suitable recording capacity for the new proposed CCTV. A 16 channel hybrid Hikvision DVR was provided that can also take on an extra 8 IP cameras in the future if need. This coupled with doubling the available disk space will also provide future compatibility.

The next stage was to physically cable the new proposed camera positions since part of the building was undergoing construction this process was fairly easy. All cables were hidden to give a sleek finish on the installation and the cameras were then installed in the planned positions.

CCTV camera overlooking a squat rack.

During the commisioning phase of the installation, behavioural analysis was set up on key cameras to give additional support to the burglar alarm. Push notifications can now be sent to a mobile phone to give up to the minute updates on any activity occurring outside of a predefined schedule.

A high end burglar alarm system was also fitted which covers every section of the gyms internal space. The alarm also integrates into the same app to enable instant video varification of any confirmed activation that occurs. The CCTV can then be checked and back up for evidential purposes.

The gym owner is also able to see if the alarm has been set or unset, at what time and by who, which helps greatly in the day to day running of the gym.

"ongoing support"

Full instruction was given on the use of the app and the function of the DVR and burglar alarm system directly. This included retrieval of alarm system operation, alarm system interogation, camera footage and interrogation of recorded incidents. Footage can also be downloaded remotely via the app should any incident occur. Along with ongoing support, the gym benefits from a fully comprehensive maintenance contract to guarantee the full operation by way of proactive servicing of the system and reactive maintenance to any faults that may occur.

Our client also benefits from a generous 36 month warranty on all the CCTV hardware that was provided and 24 months on the burglar alarm system, this provides peace of mind in both the quality of the equipment and expected longevity."

If you run a fitness facility and want to make your premises more secure please take a look at our CCTV installation prices and alarm installation prices. Alternatively if your not sure what you need you can contact us for advice on the details below.

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