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Accurate and Reliable Fever Detection Technology

There are many scenarios outside of and within a medical setting that can benefit from utilizing thermal technology.

We provide, install and support a range of thermal based solutions to assist health care profesionals, buisinesses, the travel industry and other industry that requires movement of people in high risk areas.

picture illustrating the thermal body temperature detection in action

Fever Detection Systems Features and Functions:

Overview of Our Body Temperature Detection Systems

Thermal cameras with a high level of accuracy can be used to detect possible fever in shoppers, travellers and office workers.

The systems can also be used in doctors surgeries and any other health care setting where the restriction of symptom presenting people is in place.


Person enters detection area. >>>

Human skin surface temperature detection takes place. >>>

Identify a potential abnormal temperature indicating a fever. >>>

Additional confirmatory check with a traditional thermometer.


  • Health Care
  • Factories and Production
  • Retail
  • Travel
  • Health and Safety
  • Supermarkets
  • Offices
picture illustrating business sectors that can benefit from body temperature screening.


Easy Deployment Tripod Fever Solution

The tripod based, rapid deployment solution can be set up in minutes once configured allowing the system to be used in multiple locations as and when its needed.

This can help reduce the need for extensive investment at large sites where a permenant solution is not needed. This is also suitable for deployment at places like tempory hospitals and places that can attract large numbers of people on a tempory basis.

Hand Held Thermographic Camera

The hand held solution can help reduce contact when screening large numbers of people and provides an instantanious reading which can keep the flow of people at a reasonable pace.

It also has the advantages of needing no setup and can be deployed within seconds.

Fixed Position Camera

The fixed turret or bullet style camera can be installed at a strategic location at a door way or entrance to be monitored and action taken either by alarm or real time viewing on screen or a mobile device.

The cameras can also be integrated with the existing CCTV system.

Access Control Terminal

Based on the facial recognition access control terminal, you can restrict the access to an area based on different criteria and scenarios including a restriction based on body temperature.

This can work as a fully automated solution to staff access at places where infection control amongst staff is a concern for employers like warehouses and offices.

picture illustrating product line of Hikvision fever series of cameras.

Contact, Installation and Full Support

The service we provide includes full installation and after sales support of the product. Full training on the use of the equipment will be given to your operators and further maintenance cover can be arranged to keep your system up and running.

For more information please contact us on 01443 402583 or the webform below for an online enquiry or call back to discuss the solution in more depth with an experienced system integrator.