Fully Installed CCTV System Prices - South Wales

Competitive Prices, Quality Products

We pride ourselves on providing a quality service and quality products for a competitive price. All home and small business CCTV comes with a 3-year warranty and ongoing telephone support for the warranty period. Simply call us to book an install date if one of the below deals suites you.

All CCTV Systems Include:

Had a cheaper quote? Contact us to discuss it. We can probably beat it in price, quality and service!

See the intrusion detection, line crossing and privacy masking in action.

Line crossing: you can set a predefined line that when crossed sends you a notification. Unlike motion detection this feature is more selective, reducing false alarms.

Intrusion detection: Allows you to set a zone that will only activate once triggered for over a certain amount of time. A threshold time can be set to limit false activations.

Privacy Masking: Address privacy concerns with effective masking of neighbouring properties.

Featured Packages

Group of hd cctv cameras and dvr

Hikvision HD-CCTV

1 HD Camera & 1TB DVR
2 HD Cameras & 1TB DVR
3 HD Cameras & 1TB DVR
4 HD Cameras & 1TB DVR
2 TB Upgrade
4 TB Upgrade
Powerline Network Extender Kit 600Mbps

*Suitable for a small business premises or an average sized home. Larger premises or more cameras, please call us for a quote.

Group of ip cctv cameras and dvr

Hikvision IP-CCTV

1 4MP IP Camera & 1TB DVR
2 4MP IP Cameras & 2TB DVR
3 4MP IP Cameras & 2TB DVR
4 4MP IP Cameras & 2TB DVR
Utepo 8 Port POE Switch
Powerline Network Extender Kit 1000Mbps

What is IP CCTV?

*Suitable for a small business premises or an average sized home. Larger premises or more cameras, please call us for a quote.

Pyronix WiFi CCTV cameras

Pyronix Internal WiFi Camera

Hikvision Cube with 32GB SD card
2 x Hikvision Cube with 32GB SD cards
Class 10 128GB SD card Upgrade

Pyronix Outdoor WiFi Dome.

1 WiFi camera + 128GB SD card
2 WiFi cameras + 2 128GB SD card

*Suitable for a small business premises or an average sized home. Please call us to order and schedule an installation.

CCTV Family Smartphone Setup


*This is included free with any installation package. Cost for an hour with tuition on using the app. We can add the app and set it up on any device needed. Call us to book a visit.

Call Out and Fault Finding

Price per hour
Price per 8 hour day

Call out includes assessment and rectification of any faults not including parts. Any parts needed will be quoted for with a fixed price for repair.

How Does the Pricing Work?

You may be wondering why our home and small business CCTV systems are not quoted for. Provided the system is for a home or a small business we have found that many quotes, when worked out fairly end up around the same price. There is small variations in the amount of cable and labor between different premises but apart from that the work is quantifiable.

Therefore we have worked out a system where we can offer you packages that are fair to everyone and are transparent.

Please note that the systems on this page are our most popular. We can provide any spec, bespoke designed systems for any application. We do quote for this type of system but aim to bring the same level of transparency to that process too. Please call us to discuss anything that may not be on this page.

What Happens Next?

If you decide you are interested in one of the systems we will visit you first. This is to:

If you require any additional cameras or services please call us to discuss your options. For larger premises, we will need to quote the work to give you the best possible price we can.