CCTV and Security Blog Archive

In this blog section, we post a selection of guides, case studies and articles on security and the industry. We like these to be as informative as possible and based on real-world experience from our time in the field working on security and CCTV.

If you are thinking of investing in a system for your home or business it can be interesting to learn about the subject, we have a vast amount of knowledge from years in the field working with everyone from blue chip clients to private domestic residence.

How to get your offline CCTV system back online.

ccasionally you may find that your CCTV system has gone offline, this is usually caused by a disruption in the connectivity between the CCTV recorder, the router and the internet. Read about How to fix offline CCTV.

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Why Wont My CCTV Capture Number Plates?

We explain why most CCTV systems won't reliably capture number plates and what you can do about it. Read about CCTV and Number Plates.

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Reset Your Hik-Connect Password

If you find you are logged out of Hik-Connect and you can't remember your password, don't worry its easy to reset. Read about resetting your Hik-Connect account.

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How to Fault Find Video Interference on HD-Tvi and Analogue CCTV

We examine the causes of faults and interference on video signals in the field. Read about fault finding video interference.

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Why We Install Hikvision

There are many brands of CCTV on the market, in this post you will learn why we choose Hikvision above other brands for most of our installs. Read about why we like to use Hikvision products.

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How to Set Up a Pyronix WiFi Camera

In this post we explain how to set up the Pyronix range of cameras. Read about setting up a Pyronix WiFi camera.

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IP or Conventional CCTV?

The differences between IP cctv and "conventional" or analogue HD CCTV. Read about analogue or IP CCTV.

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