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Security Systems for Homes and Businesses

Griffiths Security & Smart Technology is a family run, security and CCTV installer based near Cardiff in Pontypridd, Rhondda Cynon Taff, South Wales.

We also supply and install intruder alarm systems and surveillance solutions tailored to your needs and budget. We only install the best quality security products on the UK market.

We will provide you with a no-obligation visit to find a solution that meets your requirements.

You will be speaking with an experienced engineer who will have the expertise to secure your property, protect your assets and help deter and prevent burglary.

Sectors we secure

  • Homes and Small Businesses
  • Retail
  • Industrial & Factories
  • Restaurants
  • Public Access Space
  • Housing Associations
  • Cafes, Pubs and Bars
  • Leisure Facilities

Alarm and CCTV Installation Services

Picture of Pyronix kit 1 Enforcer alarm system with remote keypad.

Home and Business Alarms

We utilize the best quality industry standard alarm products, even for residential premises.

The award winning alarm system can be used in a traditional fashion by entering a code but we also supply key fobs and keyring tags to set/unset the system with ease.

Our advanced alarm panels can be also be set and unset with a simple Android or IOS app. Pyronix ProControl+ will alert you of any intruder inside your premises.

Go to the alarm installation prices page to get an idea of how much a intruder alarm system will cost.

Bullet style CCTV camera

Home and Business CCTV Installation

Our high-quality home and business CCTV systems can be monitored via the iPhone or Android app.

All our network cameras can also record on an on-board SD Card along with the Network Video Recorder for extra piece of mind or as the main source of recording if only one camera is required.

Our equipment comes with a 3 years manufacturers warranty and is fitted by an experienced security camera installer. Everything you need to protect what's yours.

Check out the CCTV installation prices page to get an idea of how much a CCTV system will cost.

Picture of Hikvision PTZ domes

Commercial CCTV Installation

Bespoke systems designed for internal, external and perimeter protection, for any business, construction site or public space.

High megapixel cameras coupled with long-range integral infrared, full pan tilt zoom functionality and advanced video analytics to greatly enhance the probability of detection (POD).

We provide a range of solutions for our commercial clients that range from systems that are self monitored to full perimiter intrusion detection solutions (PID's). Our 247 monitored systems can provide an instant audio challange to an intruder and notify the authorities for visually confirmed intrusions of property.

Quality First!

As approved Hikvision installers and registered Pyronix installers our equipment is sourced from UK security suppliers and partners exclusively. We do not buy any goods from dubious sources or what is known as the grey market.

All equipment we supply has a generous warranty and has a proven track record for reliability. We will only provide you with a product which is value for money and high quality. Our emphasis is on quality whilst respecting your budget and finding the perfect security solution.

Both Our CCTV and Alarms are Smartphone Compatible

A smartphone with four cameras on the screen.

Smartphone-based technology has the ability to remotely monitor and control CCTV, burglar alarms, intercoms and door bells. All that is required is a broadband or internet connection. The equipment will still work in a traditional manner and any apps can also work locally on WiFi.

For remote premises we can also provide a router that can run on the 4g mobile phone network which will facilitate the full features of the products, provided there is coverage in your area.

Future Proof Your Home Now with the Latest in I.P Camera and Remote Viewing Technology

Buying a home alarm or CCTV system is a great investment, it will not only provide you with a piece of mind but protect your valuable items and items of sentimental value. Technology has now made it a lot easier to secure your home reliably and always keep you in the loop where ever you may be.

The Hik-Connect CCTV app will alert you of any movement etc on the camera, by using motion detection notifications and you can protect the privacy of any surrounding areas or peoples homes using privacy zones. All these features are included in our standard packages and do not incur any ongoing fees!

Intruder Alarm Systems

A man in black fixing an alarm on ladders

We offer alarm systems both wired and wireless made by Pyronix who manufactures one of the most reliable burglar alarm systems on the market. Pyronix have been manufacturing alarms for over 35 years.

The wireless Pyronix Enforcer panel can accommodate Carbon Monoxide detectors, Smoke detectors, Vibration sensors, and Leak detectors.

It also integrates into the same app as our range of Pyronix CCTV domes, which provides a complete security solution and is pet friendly as standard.

Hold Up Feature and Panic Alarm

Our panels accommodate a "hold up" feature otherwise known as a panic alarm. This can be set up for both residential and commercial settings.

The hold-up feature can be triggered in multiple ways by either pushing a panic button, pressing a combination of 2 keys on the panel or utilizing the Pyronix innovative HU key fob that can be worn around your neck or held on your keyring.

Much like the key fobs that can be used to set/unset the panel.


The Pyronix Euro series of wired intruder panels can provide Grade 3 compliance for a superior level of security when using grade 3 signalling but can also use the same mobile app integration options as the wireless grade 2 Enforcer panel.

The Euro series also works with key tags and come with a selection of stylish and modern keypads, also just like the Enforcer there is a range of communication options consisting of telephone speech dialler WifI, LAN (Ethernet) and GPRS for areas where there is no phone line in place.

When using the ProControl+ app with multiple accounts on several phones, you can ensure any activation is responded too as quickly as possible. Activations can be verified when integrated with CCTV.

This will allow you to take immediate action in the event of a burglary and call the police to tell them that you can see intruders on your premises, watch their movements in real time, and instantly download CCTV evidence to provide to the police.

CCTV Maintenance, Alarm Repair and Servicing

A cctv camera being repaired

Planned preventative maintenance packages for intruder alarms and CCTV are available and would include bi-annual visits to your premises where we would service the equipment to keep it in paramount condition.

The burglar alarm and CCTV PPM would be carried out in accordance with all current legislation, with added extras such as Rain-X on all external cameras and Spiderex on CCTV and PIR detectors which is designed to stop spiders spinning webs on CCTV cameras obscuring the view or reduce false activations on your intruder system..

Regular maintenance and check up's on a CCTV installation is important to keep your images at their peak and to ensure that the installation remains safe for both yourself and the public.

We also specialise in all of the above services for systems that are already in place. We are happy to take over any security system in the South Wales area, bring your CCTV system up to current standards and provide both reactive and proactive ongoing maintenance.

Please contact us for a quotation against overly expensive existing system maintenance contracts.

Do You Need Urgent Repairs?

We are available for unplanned burglar alarm repairs and repair of CCTV systems.

Contact us today to arrange a visit.

Areas Covered

We cover all areas in South Wales for servicing, installation and maintenance which include: